Commission Info

2011-09-01 10:09:20 by Comic-Ray

I just opened commissions on my deviantART Page.

If you want me to draw you something, check out my commission info including examples: l/43773111/

Commission Info

Back in action!

2009-10-05 17:17:45 by Comic-Ray

So I got finally rescoutet!

I wasn´t able to upload anything new becouse I had reached my limit as an unscouted User.
But now there´s even more to upload, yay!

Let´s start a new!

Here I am!

2009-07-23 16:45:51 by Comic-Ray

Some weeks ago I recognized that Newgrounds has an Art portal - And as I already had an account, I started submitting!

I originally only submitted to deviantART - This is still my main site and most of my art will be submitted only there (I put only a few on Newgrounds). But since I get much more views per artwork on Newgrounds, I thought that It would be better to to give you a link to my dA-Gallery - Hope you´ll find more artwork and comics you like!

Have fun with my gallery!


Here I am!